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Three Best Websites for Bad-Credit Secured Personal Loans

Published on Aug 18th, 2014 - Topic: Bad Credit Loan
Nowadays it is not uncommon to see many lending businesses advertising on the internet, TV, and other venues. Consumers are finding it harder and harder to discern who is really offering the best deals for those with poor credit desirous of taking out a secured personal loan. Some of these companies are advertising secured loan promises but charging unsecured loan interests and high repayment terms and schedules. Hence, they have often seized property under less than than honorable terms.

Secured Loan Advantages

Most savvy borrowers, even though they may have bad credit, seek out secured personal loans because of the advantages. Putting up equity in a house, a car, or other valuable asset means lower interest rates and more comfortable repayment terms. But, because of the deceptive advertising mentioned above, they are not getting the terms they should and they are being mislead.

Borrower Should Be the Boss

Part of the problem may be that consumers with poor credit histories are often being told that lenders are doing them a favor by even considering them, when in fact the borrower is doing the lender a favor by giving them their business. Citizens without good credit histories should no be singled out for malicious or bad spirited business practices.

Pointing the Way

Desperate loan seekers are wondering just which websites or companies to trust. Which are offering legitimate secured financing solutions for those with bad credit? Following are the three most trusted website venues for landing a secured personal loan for those with poor credit histories. They offer legitimate loans at reasonable and affordable rates to those with less than sterling credit histories. They have a reputation regarding their willingness to work with their borrower clients.

Though not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), this West Florida company provides free upfront consultations and they accept loan applications online on behalf of reputable lenders. Though not for Florida residents, this firm acts a clearing house to help find legitimate affordable loans for those with poor credit.

This lender, also known by its full name, American General Financial Services, is accredited by the BBB. For more than two decades, AGF has been a reputable lending company operating out of its Evansville, IN corporate headquarters. The company does accept online loan applications, but a borrower must still visit a branch office to receive the cash and finish the transaction. The company specializes in loans for home improvements, debt consolidation, major purchases, etc.

Operating its consumer loan business out of its offices in Orlando, FL, this company is not accredited by the BBB. But is has received recognitions to include Best Customer Respect Award and Top 20 Safest Places on the Web in North America. It too has a willingness to work with borrowers who have collateral but poor credit histories.

A Word About Secured Loans

Lenders who make secured loans using property of the borrower as security, have the right to seize that property should the borrower default on repayment for any reason. The property may be sold to cover the cost of the loan. Considering that, it is best to know which lenders are reputable and most able to offer affordable secured personal loans to folks with poor credit histories.

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