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Learn what some of our happy customers have to say about services:
"All the goodies you offer with your service are great! Not only did I find a loan but I also received tons of amazing pieces of advice, thanks guys!"
>> Applied 2009-01-06 >> Approved 2009-01-16 Pamela Trenton
"Last year was a tough one, I got divorced, I had to file for bankruptcy and I lost my house. Needless to say, my credit score suffered accordingly. Your bad credit loan gave me the tools I was lacking to get back on the horse and give life a new try. I even have a new girlfriend! Just kidding, but thanks for all the help."
>> Applied 2010-03-24 >> Approved 2010-03-31 Steve Grant
"An insurance agent made a good point about home insurance but I was a bit skeptical about his offer. And through your site I found out that my suspicions where true. The home insurance he suggested was way too overpriced. Thank you for finding me a much better deal."
>> Applied 2007-05-12 >> Approved 2007-05-15 Cathie
"I had a project in mind and just needed financing but everywhere I turned I got denied for a business start up loan. Thanks to you I now got approved for the amount I needed and can start making my dream a reality."
>> Applied 2010-12-08 >> Approved 2010-12-17 Selena Farrior
"It sounds so clichéd but you made my dream come true. I saved my business, killed my debt and welcomed a new stage in my life."
>> Applied 2009-05-07 >> Approved 2009-05-16 Weasley Trenton
"This site is very enlightening. I will definitely follow the advice in your guides."
>> Applied 2003-07-21 >> Approved 2003-08-10 Wilfred, NC
"I want to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work and for the way you treated me and took care of my financial issues. Amazing customer service!"
>> Applied 2010-06-09 >> Approved 2010-06-13 Addison Jackson
"The unsecured loan you offered me had the best interest rate I've seen on the market. I accepted it right off the bat, needless to say."
>> Applied 2010-01-19 >> Approved 2010-01-24 Billy Metster
"Home ownership is not a dream anymore, I admit I was a bit skeptical, but you proved me wrong, I'm so glad I applied!"
>> Applied 2009-03-18 >> Approved 2009-03-27 Taylor, KY
"Thanks for all the information, I am very much impressed by the speed and quality of your responses to my inquiries. I would have applied for the wrong kind of loan if I hadn’t contact you first. Moreover, instead of having the money in my account I would probably have been declined. Thanks a lot!"
>> Applied 2005-01-26 >> Approved 2005-02-05 Vicky, VA
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poor credit loans
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