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Learn what some of our happy customers have to say about services:
"The interests on my home loan where killing me because I took that mortgage when my credit score was not that good. My lender said that I didnít qualify for refinancing and I was afraid of fees and costs if I resorted to other lenders. But when I joined your site I soon find and got approved for a refinance home loan with zero fees upfront and excellent loan terms."
>> Applied 2006-09-20 >> Approved 2006-09-28 Derek Lee
"I had a great idea for a business but I couldnít get the financing. Fortunately I found your site and I got approved for a business start up loan. Please thank all the customer support team and let them know you have one very happy customer."
>> Applied 2007-03-26 >> Approved 2007-04-02 James Mordock
"Your loans are the best out there and so are your lenders. Congrats on a job well done, keep it up!"
>> Applied 2010-02-04 >> Approved 2010-02-09 Isabella L.
"I didnít want to use my savings to go on vacations because I fear Iíll need them in the near future, but I really had to take a break. Thatís when I found your site and the information on holiday loans and vacation loans. I applied and got approved right away and now, back from my vacations I couldnít wait to thank you!"
>> Applied 2007-04-04 >> Approved 2007-04-15 Cori Mclean
"I love your service! You offer everything a person needs as far as funding and financial assistance goes."
>> Applied 2009-06-10 >> Approved 2009-06-17 Jacob Hall
"Just a short note to thank you for finding a home loan for my client, she was willing to buy a home but we were having so much difficulties finding a home loan for her as she didnít have good credit. Youíre extremely professional and efficient; it has been a pleasure to work with you."
>> Applied 2011-03-29 >> Approved 2011-04-12 Taliska, NY
"No credit is definately worse than bad credit, but it didn't matter to you! Thank you for an awesome experience!"
>> Applied 2010-04-20 >> Approved 2010-04-23 Georgia Trump
"Thanks to your debt consolidation services Iíve avoided filing for bankruptcy and Iím now on the path to improving my credit so I can get approved for a home equity loan to cancel all my debts. You really provide what you promise, thanks! "
>> Applied 2006-11-12 >> Approved 2006-11-12 Tracy Brick
"With my awful credit score, no one wanted to give me a chance. No one except for you! Thank you!"
>> Applied 2010-03-04 >> Approved 2010-03-11 Harrison M.
"You are wonderful! Thank you all for your help. You explained which loan was best for me and ensure I got approved. I was very comfortable using your services. You definitely went above and beyond to get my personal loan approved. If I ever need a loan again I most surely will get back to you!"
>> Applied 2003-09-28 >> Approved 2003-10-06 Brian, NC
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poor credit loans
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