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Learn what some of our happy customers have to say about services:
"I don't have bad credit per se. I have no credit. You helped me out even if my credit history was a bit on the short side. "
>> Applied 2009-01-04 >> Approved 2009-01-09 Marianne, KY
"I hate having bad credit but the circumstances forced me to miss some payments over a long period and as a result my credit was ruined. Yet, you got me approved for a bad credit loan and now I will be able to recover my credit and improve my finances. Thank you!"
>> Applied 2007-07-10 >> Approved 2007-07-16 Helen Smith
"We really needed a loan and we agreed we would seek the best rate since we havenít got money to spare. You helped us find a lender that offered us an excellent rate. We will use your services when we need them in the future. Soon we will seek a home loan and rest assured we will turn to you for assistance."
>> Applied 2011-04-20 >> Approved 2011-05-21 Brenda, FL
"Approval was hassle-free and quick! Very efficient team you've got there."
>> Applied 2010-05-15 >> Approved 2010-05-19 Kevin Hogan
"With you guys, everything runs smooth and quick. Even a mortgage loan that is supposed to be complicated came out to be a calm and relaxed process. Thank you for helping me get my loan."
>> Applied 2006-03-17 >> Approved 2006-04-10 Nicholas, VA
"I was trying to purchase a car but everywhere I was required to have a job history of at least 2 years. The problem was that I have been working only for a couple of months. Fortunately you knew of a lender that was willing to approve my car loan despite this fact. Truth is that I wouldnít be driving my car without your help."
>> Applied 2007-03-02 >> Approved 2007-03-07 Steven, MS
"I cannot begin to thank you enough for never giving up on me. I knew when I contacted you that my credit was awful but I really needed the money and you worked so hard to get me my loan that the moment I saw you had testimonials I couldnít wait to write one of my own. "
>> Applied 2004-03-20 >> Approved 2004-05-09 Marie, NV
"Everywhere you turn there are tenant loans being offered but they are either impossible to get or with crappy terms and conditions. Therefore, I was a bit skeptical when I joined your site. Yet, you prove me wrong and got me approved for a tenant loan with very advantageous terms, just like you promised!"
>> Applied 2006-09-19 >> Approved 2006-09-24 Richard Rice, NC
"My credit is not that bad but I find it very hard to prove my income because Iím self employed. Banks and the usual lenders declined my applications all the time and that was actually hurting my credit. However, you helped my find a lender willing to approve my loan with stated income. Iím really grateful."
>> Applied 2011-08-16 >> Approved 2011-08-23 Joseph Morgan
"I will definitely recommend you to all my friends."
>> Applied 2004-07-01 >> Approved 2004-07-20 Alan King
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poor credit loans
poor credit loans
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