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Learn what some of our happy customers have to say about services:
"I do not own any property nor I had any credit. I had just graduated and I needed a loan to start and independent business project. But not being a homeowner turned out to be an obstacle even though I make a reasonable income. I explained all this to customer service and they immediately answered with 4 lenders to choose from that would approve my application. The first one I tried did!"
>> Applied 2006-10-16 >> Approved 2006-10-19 Justin Barnes
"Iím going to tell all my friends to contact you whenever they need a loan, Iíve had to get loans and refinance before and Iíve never got the help that you guys gave me. It was all about anxiety, delays, doubts and sleepless nights. You on the other hand, gave me certainty, comfort and relief. And everything was done fast, actually so fast that I didnít have the time to worry about it. Thanks a lot. "
>> Applied 2011-04-07 >> Approved 2011-04-28 John, KY
"We were really looking forward to buying our car after the lease contract was over, but I was fired just a month away from the event. Also, our credit was not the best. I am so happy we didn't have to give up our dream car!"
>> Applied 2009-04-29 >> Approved 2009-05-03 Becky and Frank Hodge
"Thanks so much for the loan and for making the whole application process so easy on my part. I know there was a lot of work involved on yours. Thanks again!"
>> Applied 2002-03-06 >> Approved 2002-04-12 Andrew, CA
"I had contacted many lenders before joining your with no luck at all. I must tell you I had no hope of getting approved. To my surprise, after contacting your recommended lenders I got three loan proposals. Now I have all the money I need to start college. Iím so glad, Thanks you so much!"
>> Applied 2004-03-27 >> Approved 2004-04-08 Tony Jones
"With my personal loan I was able to pay off some debt I had lying around. I even purchased some last minute things for my daughter's birthday with the leftover money! You're a life saver!"
>> Applied 2009-06-23 >> Approved 2009-06-30 Margaret T.
"It is common knowledge that getting an unsecured loan these days is somewhat difficult. But you lived up to your words and helped me even if I had no collateral whatsoever."
>> Applied 2009-10-17 >> Approved 2009-10-24 Genevieve Bells
"I never thought it would be so quick and easy. I got the money I needed right away. Your service is great!"
>> Applied 2003-11-06 >> Approved 2003-11-18 Angel, FL
"Iíve been comparing rates with brokers for months and you guys really can get the best rates on the market, I joined your site with many doubts, but you turned out to be efficient and trustworthy and I praise you for your competent work. Youíre true professionals and Iím very happy I joined."
>> Applied 2006-02-03 >> Approved 2006-02-26 Marilyn Summer, SC
"My credit suffered due to a job loss. I got another job, but my credit was still damaged. In order to fix it I needed a loan, but it was hard to get one because I was not creditworthy, and the circle started back again. Anyway, you gave a chance, now my credit is improving."
>> Applied 2010-03-07 >> Approved 2010-03-09 Tyler Black
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poor credit loans
poor credit loans
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