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Learn what some of our happy customers have to say about services:
"Loan approval was fast and hassle free, just what I needed!"
>> Applied 2010-03-31 >> Approved 2010-04-03 Juana Rivero
"Your customer service team is amazing. They are helpful, kind, and very efficient. I got the money I needed to pay for my sonís college. God bless you."
>> Applied 2007-03-18 >> Approved 2007-03-24 Geneve
"My wife was so insistent on using your service that I finally gave in. I thought I'd made a mistake but I have to admit she was right... as she usually is. I'm happy you shut me up! Thanks guys!"
>> Applied 2009-09-10 >> Approved 2009-09-16 Orson Petrie
"You got yourself a very satisfied customer. Thanks a lot."
>> Applied 2005-04-28 >> Approved 2005-06-10 Danielle Pack
"I wanted to get some cash for my business that hasnít been doing as well as I expected the last months. Now with this money I will be able to buy some new equipment and get everything working more smoothly."
>> Applied 2007-04-25 >> Approved 2007-04-30 Kathy Combs
"Approval was hassle-free and quick! Very efficient team you've got there."
>> Applied 2010-05-15 >> Approved 2010-05-19 Kevin Hogan
"With my credit, buying a house seemed like an impossible feat. Is there anything you can't do? You certainly proved all the other lenders wrong cause they said I'd never get approved with my credit. Way to go!"
>> Applied 2009-05-11 >> Approved 2009-05-17 Rachel Martin
"A short message from a very satisfied customer. I canít even begin to thank you what youíve done for me. I lost my job a couple of months ago but I was so happy with the decision of starting my own business and thatís why I needed a loan but it turn out to be difficult task, that was till I found your site. Youíre wonderful!"
>> Applied 2006-02-26 >> Approved 2006-03-16 Lisa, CA
"I'll make sure each and every one of my friends, colleagues and family members hears about your services and the amazing things you offer!"
>> Applied 2010-06-01 >> Approved 2010-06-05 William, WY
"Having little to no credit history, I found it incredibly hard to find a loan. Your lenders gave me a hand when I most needed one."
>> Applied 2010-04-13 >> Approved 2010-04-17 Jackie Knack
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poor credit loans
poor credit loans
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