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Learn what some of our happy customers have to say about services:
"I feared my car was going to get repossessed but you helped me refinance my car loan. Thank you so much!"
>> Applied 2007-06-10 >> Approved 2007-06-14 Armanda Stone
"My credit is now slowly improving and Iíll soon be able to enjoy the benefits of a good credit score just like you told me. Many thanks for pointing me into the right direction; good credit repair services are hard to get."
>> Applied 2006-08-20 >> Approved 2006-08-20 Michelle
"I needed a vacation really bad, you approved my loan in a matter of days and without any legwork on my part!"
>> Applied 2010-04-08 >> Approved 2010-04-12 Frederic H
"I had a great idea for a business but I couldnít get the financing. Fortunately I found your site and I got approved for a business start up loan. Please thank all the customer support team and let them know you have one very happy customer."
>> Applied 2007-03-26 >> Approved 2007-04-02 James Mordock
"I needed a loan for non-homeowner because I rent and thus cannot get approved for home equity loans but due to my credit score and history I was turned down everywhere. Now, thanks to you Iíve been approved for a non-homeowner loan and Iíll be able to help my mother and take care of her. Thank you so much!"
>> Applied 2006-04-26 >> Approved 2006-05-02 Timothy Fura
"I was so tired of water leaking everywhere when it rained! My roof has been fixed now, and I'm paying back the loan timely, which is also helping my credit. "
>> Applied 2010-06-08 >> Approved 2010-06-12 Ana Medina
"Who has the time to collect loan quote after quote, looking for gold? Your service was quick and efficient right off the bat, I didn't have to do anything, really, just sit and wait to get approved."
>> Applied 2010-04-09 >> Approved 2010-04-12 Andrea McBride
"I thought I'd be doomed to resorting to cash advance loans all my life. Luckily this loan has payments I can afford!"
>> Applied 2009-06-10 >> Approved 2009-06-15 Jack P.
"Working with you guys has been really satisfactory. There was little involvement on my part. And everything went easy and smooth. Iíll definitely use your services again if I ever need to."
>> Applied 2002-06-07 >> Approved 2002-06-17 Jason, VA
"Thanks to the expertise of your staff and the helpfulness of your lenders, I was able to obtain a bad credit loan in order to fix my credit and straighten up my finances."
>> Applied 2009-02-16 >> Approved 2009-02-20 Rebecca, KY
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poor credit loans
poor credit loans
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