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Learn what some of our happy customers have to say about services:
"It may sound shallow but I wasnít at ease with my body and I really needed breast augmentation. I mean I really needed it; I had to have that procedure done to be comfortable with myself and gain some confidence. Of course that is not an argument that health insurance companies understand and that kind of procedures are not covered. I didnít know there where plastic surgery loans till I found your site. I immediately joined and got approved for the loan I needed. Thanks a lot!"
>> Applied 2007-07-11 >> Approved 2007-07-17 Rosa Jones
"I really expected more hassles and problems to get me approved for a medical loan with my credit score. Thank you for all the effort and kindness!"
>> Applied 2007-01-02 >> Approved 2007-01-07 Anthonie
"Iím very happy with the service, in a couple of days I had a lot of loan offers with very competitive interest rates. It feels good being able to decide between various deals and not having to accept an abusive offer just to get the finance that you need."
>> Applied 2002-05-30 >> Approved 2002-06-11 Kathy, FL
"I want to thank you for helping me get the business loan I needed. I will now be able to buy all the equipment I need and get my business running more efficiently."
>> Applied 2005-07-27 >> Approved 2006-08-03 Brian Gibbs
"After using your services for finding quotes I learnt I was being ripped off so I decided to follow your advice and get a refinance. My payments are much lower now and I will be saving thousands, all thanks to you. Youíre great. "
>> Applied 2005-10-05 >> Approved 2005-10-17 James, WA
"Just a short note to thank you for finding a home loan for my client, she was willing to buy a home but we were having so much difficulties finding a home loan for her as she didnít have good credit. Youíre extremely professional and efficient; it has been a pleasure to work with you."
>> Applied 2011-03-29 >> Approved 2011-04-12 Taliska, NY
"I moved back to the US after many years abroad and I needed health insurance but I didnít know which company would be best. Through your services I compared and obtained a policy that is just perfect for me. Thank you!"
>> Applied 2007-01-08 >> Approved 2007-01-16 Michael Vann
"I was trying to purchase a car but everywhere I was required to have a job history of at least 2 years. The problem was that I have been working only for a couple of months. Fortunately you knew of a lender that was willing to approve my car loan despite this fact. Truth is that I wouldnít be driving my car without your help."
>> Applied 2007-03-02 >> Approved 2007-03-07 Steven, MS
"It is hard to get a loan after filing for bankruptcy, God knows I looked everywhere, under each and every rock! Finally my brother-in-law told me about how you'd help a colleague of his and I decided to give your program a try. Now I wish I hadn't lost those 4 months of futile search!"
>> Applied 2009-06-09 >> Approved 2009-06-13 Shonda Klein
"I had a great idea for a business but I couldnít get the financing. Fortunately I found your site and I got approved for a business start up loan. Please thank all the customer support team and let them know you have one very happy customer."
>> Applied 2007-03-26 >> Approved 2007-04-02 James Mordock
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