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Learn what some of our happy customers have to say about services:
"I didnít want to use my home as collateral but due to my credit I couldnít get approved for regular unsecured loans. I found your site and joined hoping you would help me and you did. Within a few days I was approved for an unsecured loan for the amount I needed. Your site is great, congratulations! "
>> Applied 2006-09-25 >> Approved 2006-09-29 David
"After a heartbreaking (and financial breaking too) divorce, I needed to start over from scratch. I read all about fresh start loans on your site and customer service rapidly pointed me to the right lenders. Shortly after that I got approved by one of them and now Iím paying all my bills and debts on time. Soon Iíll recover my credit and I must thank you for that."
>> Applied 2006-10-27 >> Approved 2006-10-31 Jessica, IL
"Outstanding Job, thanks for the advice."
>> Applied 2004-01-19 >> Approved 2004-02-02 Stephan Horton
"I rent my home and so I couldnít apply for a secured loan. Everywhere I turned to, what they offered were home equity loans or refinance home loans which I didnít qualify for. I just needed an unsecured loan and thatís what I got when I joined your site. And I got it within three days."
>> Applied 2006-11-21 >> Approved 2006-11-24 Aaron Harris
"Bad credit has become a widespread disease. There's no vaccine against it, no immediate cure, but you do offer some great medicine for it. Thank you!"
>> Applied 2010-03-28 >> Approved 2010-03-29 Lucas Lilen
"Everywhere I went, I heard the same answer "You have to wait two years after the discharge of your bankruptcy to apply for a loan". But who has that kind of time when things go wrong? You lived up to your promises alright. Thanks a bunch!"
>> Applied 2009-06-18 >> Approved 2009-06-23 Artie, FL
"My home will now have a new room for our new baby. Thank you for helping us get approved for a home improvement loan."
>> Applied 2006-05-02 >> Approved 2006-05-08 Michelle
"I want to recommend this site to everyone. You got me approved for the college loan I needed in just a few days while Iíd been trying to get approved for several months. Thanks!"
>> Applied 2007-02-17 >> Approved 2007-02-19 Susan
"My wife wanted me to get a personal loan to buy some house appliances but no one seemed to approve my applications till I found you site. Thank you so much for helping me through this."
>> Applied 2006-05-26 >> Approved 2006-05-30 Adam Mackay, NC
"I was so clueless regarding government grants, your team of experts (who are also very nice by the way!) guided me through the process of applying for a grant. Had it been just that, I'd still be grateful for the help you gave me, but I was also approved for the grant!"
>> Applied 2010-01-17 >> Approved 2010-01-27 Barbara
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poor credit loans
poor credit loans
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