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Learn what some of our happy customers have to say about services:
"Thanks to the expertise of your staff and the helpfulness of your lenders, I was able to obtain a bad credit loan in order to fix my credit and straighten up my finances."
>> Applied 2009-02-16 >> Approved 2009-02-20 Rebecca, KY
"I had a good credit score and a great job, so I was more than able to face a home loan payment, but my credit was not sufficiently established. However, this was not a problem for you, even if it was a problem for everybody else. I will definately use your program again in the future!"
>> Applied 2009-04-28 >> Approved 2009-05-04 Warren Plent
"After refinancing with you guys I reduced my monthly payment and Iím enjoying life again. Your service is wonderful easy and fast."
>> Applied 2011-06-12 >> Approved 2011-07-12 Charles, CA
"Your site is great and very efficient. In a matter of a couple of hours I found a much better deal on my car insurance than the one I purchased last year!"
>> Applied 2007-04-09 >> Approved 2007-04-13 Angela
"Approval was hassle-free and quick! Very efficient team you've got there."
>> Applied 2010-05-15 >> Approved 2010-05-19 Kevin Hogan
"You were so professional and helpful; you made me feel that my loan was your personal concern. Iím so grateful, I really felt you understood my urgency and anxiety and shared it. I felt you truly cared. "
>> Applied 2004-09-28 >> Approved 2004-10-09 Ryan, SC
"Customer Service was so polite, thanks so much."
>> Applied 2002-02-08 >> Approved 2002-03-15 Rebecca Gregory
"Great Service. My car loan was approved right away and without hassles!"
>> Applied 2006-11-02 >> Approved 2006-11-09 Eric
"I had a lot of doubts about the site and the service because of everything that is going on online, but you certainly proved me wrong! I got approved for my unscured credit card, with a decent credit limit, even when all of the previous lenders had denied my request."
>> Applied 2008-12-28 >> Approved 2009-01-05 Paula Jenkins
"I needed a loan without credit verifications and with fast approval. I thought that was impossible but you really made it happen. Thank you all for your help and kindness!"
>> Applied 2011-05-31 >> Approved 2011-06-01 Deborah Jordan, FL
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poor credit loans
poor credit loans
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