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Learn what some of our happy customers have to say about services:
"Due to my bad credit I couldnít get approved for a business loan with traditional lenders. No bank would open a line of credit for me to fund my business. I joined your site and after reading the material you have on this issue, I decided to apply for a home equity line of credit. I got approved right away and now I have the funds I need to make my business generate some earnings for me."
>> Applied 2006-07-22 >> Approved 2006-07-31 Richard Williams
"I had struggled with other companies for months and I finally decided to give you guys a try. Your program is so different; everything is clear, fast, and painless. The customer service is great, you are all so kind and I really needed to be treated like a person, not like numbers as everybody else did, I needed that much more than the money. Thanks so much. "
>> Applied 2006-02-07 >> Approved 2006-02-22 Rose, CA
"With an ill husband and no insurance, hospital bills kept piling up. Now I can concentrate on taking care of him without worrying about money."
>> Applied 2009-07-06 >> Approved 2009-07-12 Angela L.
"I received three different offers from your lenders, all with very good terms. Actually, it was hard to choose."
>> Applied 2010-04-20 >> Approved 2010-04-25 Xavier, MI
"Thank you so much for helping me go on vacations with my husband. We needed some value time together. He thanks you too."
>> Applied 2006-05-24 >> Approved 2006-06-12 Vicky and Sebastian
"I just want to say thank you for the awesome service youíve provided to me. The whole process, from finding the lender to the follow up has been top class. Youíve made everything run smoothly, thanks again. Iíve already recommended your services and Iíll keep doing so whenever I find someone in need for finance. "
>> Applied 2005-06-06 >> Approved 2005-06-19 Chris, NC
"Keep up the amazing work you're doing, I'll do my part and keep my grades up! Thanks for the student loan!"
>> Applied 2010-06-04 >> Approved 2010-06-09 Bonnie Gibbs
"Your service is great; you make everything so easy and enjoyable. There are so many lenders in the members section yet everything is so nicely disposed and organized that I found what I was looking for immediately. After getting a loan I went through your entire site, itís amazing the work youíve done, congratulations!"
>> Applied 2004-09-22 >> Approved 2004-10-14 Michelle, NC
"I now feel an expert after reading all your articles on home loans. I want to thank you for all the guidance and assistance on getting me approved for the home loan I needed. I got the best terms I could have hoped for and very cheap payments!"
>> Applied 2007-09-26 >> Approved 2007-09-29 Anna
"Took less than a week to find a loan and the lenders were so patient with me, I'm a tad old-fashioned. My daugther sent this email for me, she says thanks too!"
>> Applied 2009-10-04 >> Approved 2009-10-11 Axel P.
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poor credit loans
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