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Learn what some of our happy customers have to say about services:
"Being a full time student does not allow you to work full time, so it was very difficult for me to even establish a credit history. Now, with my newly approved loan, I'll be able to start doing that, and much more!"
>> Applied 2010-05-09 >> Approved 2010-05-13 Esther Nichols
"I heard that the terms offered on unsecured loans were usually worse than the ones on secured loans. Either your secured loans have unbelievable terms or you are different than the rest! I guess it's both!"
>> Applied 2010-01-11 >> Approved 2010-01-15 Farrah Smith
"When I decided to give your service a try I've never thought it would be so quick. I Got my loan, thanks!"
>> Applied 2003-06-13 >> Approved 2003-06-19 Nikki Simmons
"Great Customer Service! I was so lost. Thank you."
>> Applied 2005-06-19 >> Approved 2005-07-16 Bobbi Rose
"I'll make sure each and every one of my friends, colleagues and family members hears about your services and the amazing things you offer!"
>> Applied 2010-06-01 >> Approved 2010-06-05 William, WY
"I can't believe I wasted so much time knocking on every door and ringing every bell, ignoring your site completely, when you had the answer to my problems!!"
>> Applied 2010-04-03 >> Approved 2010-04-07 Eleanor Ray
"Now I have my own business, before I joined your site it was just an idea. You helped me get the finance I needed. Iím so pleased, thanks a lot."
>> Applied 2004-11-10 >> Approved 2004-11-24 James, CA
"I thought that loan consolidation would be a tedious process and that I would be asked a lot of questions, have to show a lot of documentation and fill a lot of paperwork. On the contrary, everything worked fast and like a charm. You took care of everything, Thank you so much!"
>> Applied 2003-11-04 >> Approved 2003-11-13 James, FL
"I wanted to get approved for a personal loan but as member of the forces your team suggested a military personal loan and you got me approved right away. I want to thank you for helping me during these hard times. "
>> Applied 2007-06-06 >> Approved 2007-06-10 Marilyn
"I needed the money urgently for surgery. It wasnít a big amount but I just couldnít raise it with such short notice. I was desperate. Then I remembered seeing your ad and decided to join. I joined a Sunday, on Wednesday I got the money deposited into my account. Great Job!"
>> Applied 2011-07-30 >> Approved 2011-08-02 Phoebe, CA
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poor credit loans
poor credit loans
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