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Learn what some of our happy customers have to say about services:
"Your lenders do have exceptional rates! I've been everywhere, you're the best!"
>> Applied 2005-03-18 >> Approved 2005-04-19 Debora Moos
"You now have a walking advertisement. Your service is great and everybody will hear that from me!"
>> Applied 2004-09-26 >> Approved 2004-10-06 Alex, NC
"Before I could finish explaining my problem, Customer support team sent me an email saying a Line of Credit was what I needed and following was a list of lenders. I contacted the first one and I got a quote from them and later that week I got approved. Iím amazed!"
>> Applied 2004-07-08 >> Approved 2004-07-12 Rachel, NY
"We have used your services twice so far and both times youíve supplied an excellent service. This is our second mortgage with you and we are extremely happy with the deal you got for us. Your staff is ever so tender and helpful. I praise you and will recommend your services."
>> Applied 2002-08-03 >> Approved 2002-08-18 Linda, NC
"I needed a loan to open up my plastic surgery practice, but my credit was not very good (to say the least). Now my practice is up and running and many of my colleagues are thinking of applying with you too."
>> Applied 2010-04-06 >> Approved 2010-04-10 Tod Townsend
"Itís amazing how youíve turned something that seemed to me so complicated into a simple process. I thought it would take me years to get the loan that I needed but you solved everything in just a few days. Thanks."
>> Applied 2004-07-26 >> Approved 2004-08-10 Rita Edlin
"My last divorce killed my credit, it was so awful that I couldn't get approved anywhere. That was until I came accross your site and your wonderful lenders."
>> Applied 2010-03-16 >> Approved 2010-03-19 Stephanie Holloway
"Iíve been comparing rates with brokers for months and you guys really can get the best rates on the market, I joined your site with many doubts, but you turned out to be efficient and trustworthy and I praise you for your competent work. Youíre true professionals and Iím very happy I joined."
>> Applied 2006-02-03 >> Approved 2006-02-26 Marilyn Summer, SC
"I just couldnít afford the monthly payments on our mortgage anymore. Every month it became more and more difficult for me to make ends meet. The refinance home loan program you worked out for us provides me a lot of ease and now Iím relaxed knowing I wonít lose my home."
>> Applied 2007-04-13 >> Approved 2007-04-18 Brianna Peair
"I needed the money to buy a car from a friend of mine and everywhere I went theyíd force me to purchase a car through a dealership. I just needed the cash to purchase the car from my friend. I wanted no dealership involved. You solved my problem and know I have the car I want. And all thanks to you."
>> Applied 2006-10-06 >> Approved 2006-10-16 Kevin Black
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poor credit loans
poor credit loans
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