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Credit Card Products For Bad Credit People
Renowned site has expanded the credit card section and added two new credit cards customized for bad credit applicants.
Miami, Florida, November 19, 2007 – Though bad credit financing seems to be impossible to obtain these days due to the public and notorious situation our country is going through, there are still companies not willing to retreat from the sub-prime market share. is undoubtedly one of them.
The online portal has recently added two new credit card offers specially designed for those with a low credit score. These MasterCard products report monthly to mayor credit bureaus thus guaranteeing credit history improvement right from the fist credit card balance which is especially useful for those who need to boost credit score or build a credit history.
The company’s marketing team chief, John Collins, explained that the products are focused on customers with no credit or bad credit who didn’t have flexible enough solutions before. “We noticed that bad credit and no credit applicant’s required an unsecured credit card solution reporting to credit bureaus but providing reasonable credit limits and so we acted in accordance.”
Both products provide application results in seconds and minimum approval requirements. What distinguishes both products is the income target they where designed for. Though the standard version provides a more than reasonable credit limit for bad credit applicants, the Selected MasterCard version provides even higher credit limits and other advantageous terms for applicants with a higher income level. Furthermore as John Collins stated: “both credit cards feature semi-annual credit limit increases to match customers’ credit and income progress”.
Of course, the MasterCard brand name guarantees that these products are accepted nationwide and worldwide at millions of locations. John Collins seemed very proud of these new additions as he said “We are very confident that with these new credit card products for our customers with bad credit we will definitely address a funding need that we where eager to resolve because that is what our business is all about: helping people get finance.”
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