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Chop Up Your High Interest Credit Cards With Help of a Personal Loan

Published on Sep 10th, 2014 - Topic: Personal loan
Credit cards have become a way of life. Credit cards are so convenient because you just swipe and sign. The trouble with credit cards comes when you have high interest credit cards that are leaving a huge hole in your family budget with horrendously huge minimum monthly payment amounts that normally just reflect the interest that is due on your principle balance each month. Just how did you run up such a big debt with your credit card companies? If you are like most people, what follows is the story of your credit card dilemma.

Common Problem With Credit Cards

You most likely received a great credit card offer a few years ago either by mail or email. You were offered a credit card with a big credit line and you could buy anything you wanted without paying any interest. Wow! You thought you were getting a great deal, and you were, at least for the first six months or so. So, you went shopping and you bought lots of things you needed or wanted. The credit card bill rolled in each month and you made the minimum monthly payment.

Then, surprise, out of the blue you check your mailbox and get your monthly statement and to your shock and amazement (since you failed to read the small print in the terms and conditions section of your application) all of those purchases that you have been paying the minimum monthly payment on are now incurring an interest rate of 19.99%. Or perhaps your rate went up even sooner than the conversion date (when 0% went to 19.99%) listed in your terms and conditions because you were three days late with your payment and your interest rate was changed to the default rate.

The problem may not be just this one card. You might have two, three, or more of these seemingly great cards that are now costing you a small fortune in interest each month. It may be the case that (at the rate you are going now) you may have your credit cards paid off by the time your retire, if you are lucky. Now is the time to chop up those high interest cards and pay them off once and for all while savings thousands in interest charges!

Personal Loans Can Save You Thousands In Interest Charges

By taking out a personal loan that is equal to the total amount that you owe each of your high interest credit cards, you can pay the card issuer off entirely and make just one payment each month at a very reduced rate of interest. This can be the best move you make financially and you will be able to keep more of your money in your pocket each time you get paid instead of being a slave to the grind and paying your credit card companies every spare dime.

Apply Online To Save Even More

Personal loans are quite affordable and can be ΒΌ the amount of interest you are paying now - maybe even less depending upon your credit score. Getting your personal loan with an online lender can save you even more. Online lenders are very competitive and looking for borrowers just like you. They also have secure websites where you can apply online and receive approval in just minutes.

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